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Guide - Ubuntu GNU/Linux ( Network Manager )

Ubuntu GNU/Linux - Step by step configuration guide

1. Start your engine and find Network Manager

2.Connect to Eduroam

Please chose "Connect to Other Wireless Network" from "Network Manager" drop down menu. Here you should enter the following information:

Network Name: Eduroam
Wireless Security: WPA Enterprise
EAP Methid: TTLS
Key Type: Authomatic (Default)
Identity: your username
Password: your password
Anonymous identity: leave blank
Client certificate file: leave blank
CA Certificate file: leave blank or chose a downloaded file from "Connected institutions "
Private key file: leave blank
Private key password: leave blank

Once these information are provided to Network Manager, Click "Connect" button.

3. Initializing access point association

In this phase you are trying to associate to an Eduroam accees point but you credentials are (at this moment not accepted)

4. Obtaining IP address

Your username and password was accepted by an Eduroam accees point and now, using DHCP, Network Manager is aquiring IP address.

5. Connection to Eduroam access point ready.

For a short amount of time you will see both green balls. These mean that you are ready to accees the network.

When the Eduroam access point association is stable Newtork Manager icon will show your link quality.